There is nothing quite like shallots for adding a uniquely delicate, sweet, piquant flavour. With their superior taste, shallots transform everyday meals into something extra special.

Shallots form a vital part of the chef's mise en place and are at the heart of many classic dishes. Professional chefs and passionate home cooks know that shallots are a crucial ingredient in stews and casseroles but they are also fantastic in stir fries, breads, sauces, tarts, soups, salads and curries.

Cooking with shallots

Tip of the month

Throw shallots in around your meat joint to get a delicious sweet veg accompaniment that subtly takes on the flavour of the meat juices – you don’t even need to peel them

• 79% of people don’t regularly buy shallots
• Of these 51% don’t know why they would buy them over an onion 
• 22% don’t know which dishes put them in  

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Survey was carried out by UK Shallot Grower Group in 2013

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